Wi-Fi Monoblock airco | 10.000BTU | Cooling, heating and ventilation | With temperature sensor and dehumidifier


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Features : 

  • Easy to install : This monoblock with heat pump does not require installation by a recognized F-type installer, you can install the system yourself and save on the costs of installation.
  • Plug & play: Connects directly to your home network without using a gateway or hub. Simply connect the device with your home network. 
  • Use the “qnect home” app to set the desired temperature in your home, or set timers to automatically adjust your room temparature. 
  • Manually switch this airconditioner ON or OFF via the device LED panel or use your additional remote control.  
  • Multifunctional device : Set the device to cool ( 10.000 BTU ), heat ( 8.000 BTU or 2200W), venilate ( 500m3/u ) or dehumidify ( 24l/day )
  • Thanks to the automatic evaporation system, the condensed water is automatically evaporated and discharged via the air exhaust hose.
  • Power use 1.12 kW/h
  • Silent : From 37dB to 58dB sound level. Have the same features and sound level of a regular Split unit airco, but the ease of installation from a mobile airconditioning. 
  • Use the “qnect home” app to allow even more “qnect” smart products to communicate with each other : Switch this sairco on using motion detection in combination with a "qnect home" motion detector.
  • Geo location : Turn on the device when you're returning from work, entering a cool environment when at home. 
  • Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Voice.
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Easy to install. No outdoor unit but enjoy the same features as a split unit airco.

We will install it for you !

Having doubts about installing this device ? Are you afraid to do it yourself ?  

No worries, we will do it for you. Via our partner installer 123Install you can book an installation for this monoblock airco.

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