Smart Wi-Fi LED | E27 | 806 lumen | RGB - 2700K | 9W = 60W



Enlighten your home

Make your lights at home really smart just by connecting them to your home Wi-Fi. Set your lights to any desired color or brightness; anywhere and anytime. For example. Set your lights to a light blue color when whatching television, to rest your eyes. Having trouble reading, ask your assistant to set the brightness to 100% without having to leave your relaxing chair. This bulb is easy to setup. All you actually need is a stable Wi-Fi
network, your ‘qnect home’ app and a Smart Bulb. This smart plug is easily connected to your Wi-Fi without the intervention of a hub.


  • Plug & play: Connect directly to your home network without using a gateway.
  • Use the "qnect home" app to set the times for automatic switching on and off.
  • Can be set to any color and dimmable via the app.
  • Switch on / off with your existing light switch.
  • Control this lamp from anywhere with the 'qnect home' app or use your voice assistant.
  • Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Or control your outlets via Siri voice.
  • Can be linked with other "qnect home" products: switch this smart lamp on or off by means of motion detection in combination with a "qnect home" motion detector or smart camera.