Wi-Fi Smart Plug | EU Schuko Type F/E | 10A or 2200W


2200W 10A

Connecting your home to a smarter future

At work, on holiday, wherever you are... control your home appliances remotely over the Internet through this qnect smart plug. For example, connect your floor lamp or completely turn off your television at night. A bit lazy in the morning... Automatically startup a coffee maker when waking up. What more do you need ? All you need is this power plug, the qnect home app and a stable Wi-Fi network to get started.

QN-WP04 mood

Features : 

  • Plug & play: Connects directly to your home network without using a gateway or hub.
  • Use the “qnect home” app to set timers for automatic on or off.
  • Suitable for devices up to 10A or 2200W
  • Switch electrical appliances on/off everywhere with the “qnect home” app and have the option to manually switch devices on or off via the button on the smart plug.
  • Use vacation mode : Have the smart plug randomly turn on or off, when you are not at home, and create a pressence in your home. This scares of any possible people with bad intentions. 
  • Control with an additional remote control (QN-WR01)
  • Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Voice.
  • Suitable for sockets in type F (eg Germany, Netherlands) and E (eg France, Belgium)
  • Can be linked to other "qnect home" products: switch this smart plug on or off using motion detection in combination with a "qnect home" motion detector or smart camera.

Watch the video

Check out the product video. All necessary features are explained in this video. If you still have questions, after viewing the video, you can still contact us for additional questions. 

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