How to find my product UUID ?


We ensure an optimal product service

We would like to help you as fast and easy as possible. But in some cases we need your product UUID, to optimalize our service. To ensure a fast response and first time optimal service, it is better to already provide us with this UUID.  But don't worry... we cannot use this for any other purpose besides checking any faults. This product UUID is bound to you as a user.

Here's how you can inform us the unique product identification :

STEP 1 : Open the app and go to your home screen

When opening the app, within the homescreen, the product in question is also visible and connected. 

UUID_Step 1

STEP 2 : Go to the product which needs our attention

Tap on the product which needs our attention. In the product specifications you can find all necessary information about the product, which we will need to manage all your questions. Tap on the upper right corner to access the product settings. 

UUID_Step 2

STEP 3 : Find the UUID of the product

Within the product information tab, when tapping on this, you can find the product UUID (which is the Unique User Identified Device) or virtual ID. To ensure a one time direct service for this product, you can already copy or write this code in our product help form. This code is used to find your product and ensure an in time correct response for any of your requests. 

UUID_Step 3