Wi-Fi Smart indoor camera | HD 720P | Motion detection | MicroSD storage



This “qnect home” camera always tells you who is (unnecessarily) in your house, wherever you are. As soon as it detects movement, you will receive a push message on your smartphone. You can then see live images and listen to what’s going on, without being at home. This all for just a fraction of your budget. Also have your “qnect home” smart lights or smart sockets switch on when it detects movement. This even increases the level of security or even your comfort.

HD (1280x720 pixels) footage is recorded on MicroSD or optional cloud storage, which gives even more flexibility. You don’t need more than your existing stable WiFi network to install and connect your camera. Mount it indoors and you are ready to use. An adhesive pad is included to attach the camera to the walls if desired.


  • Plug & play: Connect to your Wi-Fi network in 3 easy steps without the help of a Gateway or software.
  • HD 720P resolution for clear images
  • Watch what is happening at your front door from anywhere with your “qnect home” application
  • Instant notifications (option to disable motion notification) and two-way audio through built-in speaker and microphone.
  • Take a photo or movie in Full HD yourself and save it via your smartphone
  • Automatically records a video on motion detection (via MicroSD card - not included - or optional cloud storage)
  • Infrared night vision of 5 meters.
  • Can be linked to other “qnect home” products: Allow the “qnect home” lights or plug to switch on when motion is detected.