Wi-Fi Smart universal remote control | Infrared | Database and learning option | USB 5V 1000mA



Have all your old remote controlled devices step in to the 21st Century

Control your television, fan, aircoditioning, heating or any other infrared controlled device through the qnect home app with this IR blaster. Take control of your devices wherever you are in the world and never have to search for the remote control again. The only thing you need is a WiFi connection, without the need of a Gateway or Hub. 

Set-up is simple, thanks to the large database, offering compatibility with many brands of televisions, air conditioners, fans and set top boxes. Simply select the device type and brand, have the app search for a compatible remote and done. Is the remote not available on the database list ? No worries, you have the option to manually learn any unknown IR device to also support less known brands or other products. There must be already a no brand fan, heater or other product in your home which can be controlled by this blaster. After setup, you can easily add timers and schedules to automate your "dumb" devices. Enjoy the comfort of combining different devices with this IR remote blaster. 



  • Plug & play: Connects directly to your home WiFi network without using a gateway or hub.
  • Replaces any traditional infrared remote control
  • Control your television, IR-controlled AC, or other infrared-controlled devices via the app, from anywhere. Without needing a lot of remotes.
  • Supports over 80.000 devices (cloud updated) from popular brands including Samsung and Philips 
  • Provides a large database of televisions, air conditioners, fans, media devices, lamps and more.
  • Ability to manually enroll any unknown IR device to also support lesser known brands or other products.
  • Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Or control your sockets via Siri voice.
  • Can be linked to other "qnect home" products: switch on your AC before you get home or let your media start up automatically when you enter a room, in combination with a qnect camera or motion detector
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