Wi-Fi Smart remote | 2x AAA/LR03 1.5V | Control up to 15 devices | For lights and plugs



Switch up to 15 devices ON or OFF and enjoy the comfort of this easy to use remote control. Even turn up or down the brightness of any compatible light according to your needs. Once connected in two easy steps, your can enjoy the comfort of switching your smarthome devices locally. This is particularly handy when not having your smartphone at hand. 

QN-WR01 Mood

Features : 

  • Control your devices over Wi-Fi
  • Transmission range: 20m indoor & 50m outdoor. 
  • Control up to 15 devices or more (depening on your network capabilities) with one remote control
  • Turn OFF remote control triggers per device (toggle per device)
  • Turn up or down the brightness of any compatible lighting device by 20% (with a maximum of 4 steps)


QN-WR01 Spotlight
QN-WR01 sides