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How-to and best practice

Can I use the Qnect Home Smart Water Controller without an app?

You can use Qnect Home water controller with its physcal button on the device. Here you can open and close the water supply of the water controller.  If you whish to use more functionalities and irrigation options you need to connect the water controller to the Gateway socket, which is always included in the packaging. Easily connect the Gateway plug to your home WiFi and establish a wireless connection between the gateway and your water controller. 

Is my water tap compatible with the Qnect Home Water Controller?

The water controller is compatible with most water taps, which include and inlet of 1” (33.3mm) and 3/4” (36.5mm) threads. The outlet can connect a 3/4” (36.5mm) thread. Working pressure is from 0.5 up to 5.0 bar.

How to connect my device to my google Ecosystem ?

It is possible to connect your device directly to your Google Ecosystem. When entering the product settings of your device, tap on the Google button. Accept the therms and conditions, and your're set. Our qnect app will automatically link your product(s) and add this to your Google Home. Just place them in the correct room and done !  Have a go at it, just ask Google to activate your product. 

If you wish to see all steps or having trouble with connecting your device within Google Home, check our manual. 

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How can I share a device or complete smart home with other users ?

Sharing one product or multiple products is easy. But know that all users must be registered within the app (users must have downloaded the app, and created an own unique account).

  • You can easily share one product with one or more users, when accessing the device settings. From there fill in the email and country code of the designated user. He (or she) will receive a notification that a device is shared. The will see the device on the bottom of the device list in their app. Note that this user has limited operating capabillities. He (or she) cannot create scenes or automations, but turning a device on or off is perfectly possible. 
  • On the other hand, sharing an entire smart setup is also possible. Share your entire home setup through your personal home profile. Share with one or more users and give them full (or limited) rights. 

If this short description is not sufficient, check our detailed instruction on sharing one or multiple devices. 

How to share my devices. 


How can I reset my password?

If you want to set a new password in the Hombli app, you can follow these steps:

1. Log out of your Qnect Home account via Account > Setting> Log out
2. Click on “Log in with an existing account”
3. Click on “Forgot password”
4. Enter your mobile phone number or e-mail address, you will receive a verification code.
5. Enter the verification code, after that you can reset the password.

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